Refurnished ZB Foyer Offers Something for Everyone

In February, the Central Library’s (ZB) foyer was completely refurnished.
Bistro chairs, couches, and armchairs entice visitors to stay a while longer – whether it’s for a break or to continue working.

Foto Möbel im Foyer
Forschungszentrum Jülich

The new furniture passed its first test with flying colours: the reaction was positive at the New Year’s Reception and during the IFF Spring School. The new furniture was necessary because the old furniture was not only starting to show its age but also no longer conformed to the relevant usage and fire safety requirements for furniture.

Along the wall leading to the Central Library’s reading room, bistro chairs and tables can be used to discuss projects, and between P-E’s training room and entrance E1, bar chairs and tables are waiting to be used. The window front looking out at the lake has larger tables and groups of armchairs, which are ideal for group work. With a view of the lake and the Seecasino, the foyer is the perfect place to work on presentations with your laptop or to hold meetings.
The ZB foyer is the first at Forschungszentrum Jülich to be equipped with this furniture and will be used as a model. Other foyers are set to be kitted out with furniture from the same series (e.g. building 01.3).

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Last Modified: 26.02.2022