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Project DLR-Exa - Exascale Readiness for Aeronautics and Space Applications

Project duration

February, 01, 2019 - ongoing

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Project description

In continuation of a collaboration based on a previously signed Memorandum of Understanding, the two Helmholtz centers DLR and FZJ decided to intensify their joint undertaking to enable DLR’s simulation codes to efficiently scale on current and future HPC systems.

The project “Exascale Readiness for Aeronautics and Space Applications” aims at bringing the expertise on aerospace engineering and code development gathered at DLR together with the exper- tise in modular supercomputing architecture (MSA), performance engineering, code refactoring, and domain-specific knowledge at JSC. The focus is on preparing DLR’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code CODA, developed by ONERA, DLR, and Airbus, for efficient execution on heterogeneous HPC architectures. To be more specific, it is the goal to (i) port this code to individual MSA modules and (ii) to enable the application of CODA on multiple, connected MSA modules.