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Data Services and Infrastructure

We develop and operate data services of various kinds contributing to various federated infrastructures at the national and international level. We also operate UNICORE and Cloud services integrated in various federated infrastructures.

Data Services

We offer data services to user communities with large volume storage needs. Our philosophy is to operate community specific services as a joint activity with the communities. This ensures the user communites get access to services appropriate for them. So far a collection of generic data services is available in production. All services are backed by a large capacity shared storage, allowing to store data volumes in the range of PetaBytes.

Services under development are made available to individual groups of pilot users before we offer them to a wider audience.

Publish Data

datapub: is a web server for serving large data sets to the general public. It's main application is publishing data belonging to scientific publications.

B2SHARE: is a service for publishing data from diverse research contexts. Published data are registred with a PID system to make them citeable. This service was developed within the EUDAT and EUDAT2020 projects. It is operated as a community specific service for Juelich and related communities.

Share Data

B2DROP: is a service for synchronizing and sharing of small (research) data. The data can be synchronized across various kinds of devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones. Also, data can be shared with others. This service has been developed within the EUDAT and EUDAT2020 projects. As a member of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI), Juelich operates B2DROP as a general service for all EUDAT users and its associated communities.

JOIN: is a community specific service offering a Web interface (Juelich Open Web Interface) to search a database of surface ozone observations (TOAR: Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report).

Services for Infrastructures

UNICORE (Uniform Interface to Computing Resources): offers a ready-to-run system including client and server software. UNICORE makes distributed computing and data resources available in a seamless and secure way in intranets and across the Internet.
We run UNICORE services in federated European infrastructures and enable users to seamlessly access supercomputing resources at participating sites. For accessing any of these infrastructures, please follow one of these links to get details on how to access it:

Cloud is a paradigm to manage infrastructures for both service providers and users. Service providers are empowered to flexibly tailor their offerings and reduce downtime otherwise required for maintenance on physical hosts. Users can roll out their own infrastructures and use only the hardware they definitely need with virtually no overhead at all.
At JSC, we use OpenStack to provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). With our OpenStack installations contribute to several infrastructures. Please follow the links below for further information about gaining access:

Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) services enable the secure exchange of information related to identity, authentication and authorization. A reliable authentication service provides user authentication and attributes to the querying service to manage the users' access rights. With this users can login to different services while having only one account.

B2ACCESS is the AAI from EUDAT. It allows users to login to EUDAT services using their home Identity Provider (IdP), social IdPs such as ORCID or GitHub, and B2ACCESS accounts. This service has been developed within the EUDAT and EUDAT2020 projects. As a member of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI), Juelich operates B2ACCESS as a general service for all EUDAT users and services:

  • EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure


Support for the above mentioned services is provided through