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Data Services

Data Services for Communities

Publish Data

datapub: is a web server for serving large data sets to the general public. It's main application is publishing data belonging to scientific publications.

B2SHARE: is a service for publishing data from diverse research contexts. Published data are registred with a PID system to make them citeable. This service was developed within the EUDAT and EUDAT2020 projects. It is operated as a community specific service for Juelich and related communities.

Share Data

B2DROP: is a service for synchronizing and sharing of small (research) data. The data can be synchronized across various kinds of devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones. Also, data can be shared with others. This service has been developed within the EUDAT and EUDAT2020 projects. As a member of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI), Juelich operates B2DROP as a general service for all EUDAT users and its associated communities.

JOIN: is a community specific service offering a Web interface (Juelich Open Web Interface) to search a database of surface ozone observations (TOAR: Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report).

Transfer Data

UFTP: is a file transfer services. All users of JSC's HPC systems may use it to easily transfer data between their system(s) and JUDAC.

Support for the above mentioned services is provided through