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Call for Applications for Test Accounts and Preparatory Access to JSC Supercomputing and Support Resources

Two possibilities to easily get started on our HPC systems

Computational science today is tackling problems of increasing complexity and scale. To fulfil the requirements of computationally intensive simulations and analyses of large data sets, applications codes suitable for High Performance Computing (HPC) systems need to be newly developed or adapted from algorithms originally designed for PCs and small clusters. Besides scalability issues arising from distributed memory, users are additionally confronted with adapting their applications to various hybrid programming models including accelerators (such as GPU and Intel MIC).

To further strengthen the ongoing efforts to meet this challenge and to encourage computational scientists to port their models to state-of-the-art HPC machines in order to open up new perspectives for their research, JSC invites potential new users of the supercomputers in Jülich to apply for test accounts or preparatory access to the JURECA cluster and booster systems, or JUWELS.

Analogously to similar schemes previously introduced within PRACE, the JSC Preparatory Access aims to facilitate access to the Jülich supercomputers for researchers with computationally intensive scientific problems, but codes that still need to be made fit for HPC prior to a full NIC/GCS or JARA-HPC/VSR proposal. Successful applications will receive a computing time budget on the HPC resource, optionally supplemented by expert assistance from one of the JSC SimLabs for a period of up to four months. The goal is to verify and improve the performance of their application codes and prepare a full computing-time proposal by the next call deadline (February or August).

Test accounts: Access with entry level support

This option grants access to the HPC resource with a certain number of core-hours in order to prepare a regular project application. The projects will test, port, and tune their application code on their own with entry level support via SC-support.

Apply for this option.

Preparatory Access: Account and extended support by a SimLab

This option grants access to the HPC resource with a certain number of core-hours in order to prepare a regular project application and is accompanied by support from the JSC’s Simulation Laboratories for projects asking for extended support. During the preparatory access pilot phase, available SimLab support is expected to be around 2 person-weeks per project with a corresponding effort on the applicants' side.

Expertise offered by SimLab staff includes:

● Porting and tuning of codes for the JURECA cluster and booster systems as well as for JUWELS
● Performance analysis and scaling improvement of codes/applications
● (Re)design of computational methods needed to exploit highly parallel architectures
● Guidance for writing a computing-time proposal

Apply for this option.

Application process

In general, applications for test accounts or preparatory access may be filed by applicants who are employed at a university or research facility in Germany (irrespective of the applicant's nationality). They undergo a technical evaluation by JSC staff, who will assess the potential of the application code in terms of benefit from HPC adaptation and tuning. Optionally, and as far as possible, successful proposals will be matched to a SimLab corresponding to or related to their scientific discipline.

Applicants should fill out and submit one of the application forms outlining the scientific and computational background and motivation of the team and code, as well as the expected plan, outcomes, and benefits of the preparatory access.

If prospective applicants have questions about the process or the suitability of a project, they are encouraged to first discuss their project informally prior to an application. Depending on the chosen path for preparatory access, either contact, get in touch with one of the SimLabs and the respective contact persons, or send an e-mail to

Deadlines for applications

Applications for preparatory access to JSC resources may be submitted throughout the year. However, depending on the number of active preparatory access projects we may limit review and acceptance of new projects to twice a year, synchronised with the start of the computing-time periods on November 1st and May 1st, respectively.