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Morning session

Software and hardware tools for simulation of large-scale neuronal networks

9:00Wolfram Schenck / Alex PeyserWelcome


Steve FurberThe SpiNNaker Brain Simulation Machine
9:45Elisabetta ChiccaSimulating plasticity with neuromorphic hardware
10:15Coffee break
10:45Ben Torben-NielsenAn HPC approach to generate context-dependent virtual neuronal morphologies
11:15Bill Lytton / Michael HinesNEURON and the Neuroscience Gateway Portal
11:45Wolfram SchenckThe Simulation Lab Neuroscience - A novel institution to support Neuroscientists in using HPC infrastructure
12:15Final discussion for the morning session

12:30 - 13:45 Lunch break

Afternoon session

From large-scale neuronal networks to full-scale brain models

13:45Sacha van AlbadaLarge-scale model of the visual cortex in NEST
14:15Sebastian Rinke / Markus ButzTowards rewiring of full-scale cortical networks
14:45Coffee break
15:15James KozloskiConstraints for large-scale neural tissue simulation derived from a homeostatic brain model of plasticity and risk in Huntington's disease
15:45Sven Strohmer / Markus AxerBig brain - big data. How to store and process PLI data
16:15Petra RitterThe Virtual Brain platform: reverse engineering the brain
16:45Final discussion for the afternoon session