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JUGENE - Jülich Blue Gene/P


Supercomputer JUGENE


31.07.2012JUGENE will go out of production and be demolished -
use Blue Gene/Q JUQUEEN
21.-22.05.2012Training Course: Introduction to the programming of the supercomputer resources at Jülich
05.01.2012New online description of Parallel Debugging available
06.12.2011Publication of the JUGENE online documentation on the new FZJ WEB server
24.-25.11.2011Training Course: Introduction to the programming of the supercomputer resources at Jülich
15.11.2011git - content tracker software has been updated to version 1.6.3 - use: module load git
18.08.2011New version CPMD 3.15.1 available, use: module load cpmd
01.08.2011Modified accounting procedure, cpu-quota balance will not get below -101% at the begin of every month
14.-16.02.20112011 Jülich BlueGene/P Extreme Scaling Workshop
01.08.2010Updated versions of NetCDF4 (v4.1.1), parallel-netcdf (v1.1.1) and HDF5 (v1.8.5) installed
12.07.2010JUVIS - Juelich Visualisation Cluster available for postprocessing and visualization of JUGENE results
15.06.2010Blue Gene/P driver upgraded to version V1R4M2. Recompile your applications to avoid incompatibilities and to benefit from improvments.
15.06.2010The files structure of the module files is now the same as on JuRoPa - check scripts using modules for proper execution!
11.06.20101st SimLab Porting Workshop at JSC
17.-18.5.2010Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich
05.03.2010/gpfs/automountdir/homeX must be specified on data restore with adsmback
22.-24.03.20102010 Jülich BlueGene/P Extreme Scaling Workshop
26.-27.11.2009Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich
16.11.2009SIONlib: Scalable I/O library for parallel access to task-local files
26.-28.10.20092009 Jülich BlueGene/P Extreme Scaling Workshop
01.09.2009There will be no refund of CPU time in the case of a failed job!
10.08.2009Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources in Jülich
31.07.2009Submit enough jobs with wall_clock limit < 12 hours to fill empty slots, improve overall utilization of all racks (and your turnaround time)!
14.07.2009FAQ available: How to allow overlap of communication and computation?
01.07.2009JUGENE is open for production now
23.06.2009Two supercomputers from Jülich among the ten fastest in the world
End of June, 2009Planned start of production of 72 rack JUGENE
26.05.2009Supercomputing - Made by Jülich
Inauguration of the new Supercomputers
06.04.2009JUGENE will be out of operation from April 6 until late June, 2009 !!
Blue Gene/P access to sister sites during JUGENE downtime.
Access to all data on the fileserver will be available at all times through
12.02.2009Guide for DEISA/DECI-Users with Home Site FZJ
20.01.2009Interruptions of JUGENE production due to supercomputer expansion
19.01.2009LoadLeveler upgraded to V, new manual downloaded
02.12.2008BG/P was upgraded to release V1R3M0, see: Memo to Users
15.10.2008More Software Packages Available on JUMP and JUGENE
19.09.2008FAQs and the BG/P Application Development Redbook have been updated
21.08.2008Presentations from Introduction to programming and using the IBM supercomputers JUMP and JUGENE are available
03.06.2008BG/P was upgraded to release V1R2M0
07.05.2008Information about filesystem quota limits are now available
22.-24.04.20082008 Jülich BlueGene/P Porting, Tuning, and Scaling Workshop
20.02.2008Presentations about JUGENE given during the NIC Symposium are now available
22.02.2008Formal inauguration of JUGENE
20.02.2008NIC Symposium incl. Introduction to JUGENE
18.02.2008JUBL users may contact to have their userid enabled on JUGENE.
Jan. 2008Stabilization of hardware and software is ongoing.
23.11.2007Foils about indroduction to HPC storage JUST - new storage server with a new using model are available now.
13.11.2007Allocation of Computing Resources on BG/P
Nov. 2007 Hardware tests and system integration in progress.
Oct. 2007LINPACK Benchmark shows a performance of 167 Teraflops on 16 racks.
1.10.2007Installation of BlueGene/P begins.