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JuRoPA - Jülich Research on Petaflop Architectures [Test System]

This test system allows users of JSC's current general purpose supercomputer JuRoPA for porting and optimising their applications for the new Haswell CPU architecture. Moreover, the system also serves as a development platform for system software and hardware with respect to the JuRoPA collaboration.

On Thursday 2015-07-23, access to JUROPATEST will be blocked for all users. Please use JURECA.

JUROPATEST Rack front view

JUROPATEST Mellanox ib switch

JUROPATEST Rack rear view


2015-07-23End of JUROPATEST general availability
2015-05-18Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources at Jülich course held at Juelich Supercomputing Centre
2015-05-08New version of JUROPATEST Batch System Manual uploaded
2015-04-14psslurm updated to version 23
2014-12-17Partition batch changed: max. number of nodes increased to 8; max. walltime increased to 6 hours
2014-12-09 Offline-Maintenance: changes in Slurm and IB configuration [8am to 5pm]
2014-11-27 Partition batch changed: max. number of nodes increased to 8
2014-11-17 psslurm updated to version 18
2014-11-10 JuRoPA user access
2014-11-05 psslurm updated to version 17

Acceptance audit completed

HPLinpack 2.1 result for 68 Nodes: 52,18 Teraflops

2014-10-21 2 Days Seminar: Introduction to EasyBuild at JSC
2014-10-21 Start of Acceptance Tests
October 2014Final hardware installation and IB cabling
September 2014Delivery of JuRoPA test system for system hardware/software development