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Release notes

New features in llview version 1.41 (released Dec 15)

  • Generic charts
  • Annotations
  • Improved SLURM support

Updates in LML da 1.21 (released Dec 15)

  • Improved SLURM cluster support
  • More node metrics gathered from SLURM interface
  • Generic chart generation

New features in llview version 1.3p14 (released Sep 14)

  • Bug fixes for JUROPA display
  • Support for displaying SMT nodes on JUROPA-3

Updates in LML da 1.1p4 (released Sep 14)

  • Bug fixes for BGQ adapters.
  • Support for more detailed node states in SLURM.
  • SMT aware status data collection for SLURM.

New features in llview version 1.3p13 (released Dec 13)

  • Tooltip documentation added to most of the options in LLview's option panel
  • First version of visualization of scalar node attributes.

Updates in LML da 1.1p3 (released Dec 13)

  • First version of script for parsing scalar node attribute data such as temperature and power usage. Only available for MOAB and on the JSC system JUROPA.

New features in llview version 1.3p12 (released Nov 13)

  • Usagebars in nodes display for showing large systems
  • Allow to use colors provided by the LML data source file
  • BG/Q support in visualization
  • Advanced configuration of job lists

Switch from llview da to LML da 1.1p2 (released Nov 13)

  • Switch to more generic XML format called Large-scale system Markup Language (LML) (see LMLdoc)
  • Use data collection scripts, which are also integrated into the Eclipse/PTP monitoring system
  • Amongst others add batch system support for SLURM, ALPS and LSF

New features in version 1.3p3 (released Nov 10)

  • bug fixes
  • enhanced node display for BG/P to show physical and logical structure concurrently
  • samples directory added

Updated version of llview da 1.0b2 (released April 10)

  • includes now needed for database access

First version of llview da 1.0b1 (released March 10)

  • new full configurable batch system interface for LLview
  • supports different batch system (LL, Moab/Torque)

New features in version 1.3p1 (released March 10)

  • bug fixes
  • enhanced node display for BG/P physical/logical

New features in beta version 1.3 (released July 07)

  • new module for prediction of Job Scheduling (stand-alone module, online parameter change possible, enhanced scheduler simulation, enabling backfilling, #topdogs, advanced reservation, maintenance, ...)
  • update of multi-cluster version: General window contains statistic elements for each cluster

New features in version 1.2 (released end April 07)

  • prediction of Job Scheduling (experimental, needs priority information of jobs and some other system information in XML file)
  • new statistic window displaying several diagrams (job wait time, job size histogram, ...)
  • enhanced layout options for node display: display rack containing nodes, rack image
  • new color management for different job types (Run,Wait,Nocont,Search) and different color section schemes (gray, RGB, HSV)
  • version control for user related config files of LLview

Known problems in version 1.2

Fixed problems in version 1.2

New features in version 1.1 (no release)

  • MultiCluster support, display more than one cluster in one LLview window
  • support for other batch systems like PBS/pro and Torque see server scripts
  • support for Blue Gene/L:
    • special server script which accesses the Blue Gene/L system data base directly
    • some new layout options (e.g. node box type BGL)
    • list of partitions (logical parts of a Blue Gene/L system)
    • graphical display of reservations in the next days
    • graphical display of usage history
    • overlapping image behind node display
  • layout specification for node display, build groups of nodes, e.g. for rack mounted systems
  • status bar and progress bar
  • specification of a image (logo) in the node display

Extensions to LLview XML specification in version 1.1

  • new tag partition, describes logical partitions of a system,
    subset of of nodes
  • new tag reservation, description of reservation requests
  • new tag usage, current usage and history of system usage

Code Enhancements in version 1.1

  • XML-Parser replaced by simple self-written XML parser (problems with perl interpreter)

Known problems in version 1.1

  • Save button will not be enabled after changing source via Ctrl-W
  • On linux (Suse 10.0) sometimes a segmentation fault in the perl interpreter after several hour of running llview
  • backspace in numerical option fields crashes sometimes