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DEISA Training Courses at Forschungszentrum Jülich

at Jülich Supercomputing Centre
13-14 January 2009

The DEISA consortium (Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications) is organizing two training courses at the Jülich Supercomputer Centre (JSC). The courses will take place on the 13th and 14th of January 2009. Both courses will be based around a number of practical programming exercises.

  • The first course on Tuesday 13th January is an "Introduction to the DEISA Infrastructure". This will cover the basic aspects of the DEISA distributed supercomputer environment and the software tools that are used to access it. No prior knowledge is assumed for this course.
  • The second course on Wednesday 14th January is an "Introduction to the Blue Gene/P" which is aimed at users planning to port their codes to this new architecture. The course will introduce the basic features of the Blue Gene/P design and cover the details of the three Blue Gene/P machines within the DEISA infrastructure. People on the course will be given access to the Blue Gene/P at Forschungszentrum Jülich, JUGENE, which is the fastest supercomputer in Europe. DEISA staff will be on hand to help users to port their codes and perform test runs. We assume that those attending this course will already have a parallel application that has previously been run on some other system.

For more details and an application form (including information about accommodation in Jülich) please, see:


Tuesday 13th January 2009: Introduction to the DEISA Infrastructure

09:00Overview of DEISA project and HPC systems
09:30Basic DEISA software stack
10:00Introduction to UNICORE
10:30Coffee break
11:00UNICORE practical session
13:30Introduction to DESHL
14:00DESHL practical session
15:00Coffee break
15:30Overview of Globus services
16:15Globus practical session (or continue UNICORE and DESHL practicals)

Wednesday 14th January 2009: Introduction to the Blue Gene/P

09:00Introduction to the Blue Gene architecture
10:00The IDRIS Blue Gene system (Babel)
10:30Coffee break
11:00The FZJ Blue Gene system (JUGENE)
11:30Basic practical session (log on, compile, submit a test job)
13:30Performance Tools
14:00Hands-on practical: porting user applications
15:00Coffee break
15:30Hands-on practical: porting user applications (continued)