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Framework for pedestrian dynamics simulations

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lich Pedestrian Simulator (JuPedSim) is an open source framework for simulating pedestrian dynamics.

Several well-known models from the literature are implemented. It provides researchers and students preparing their projects an appropriate environment to model and simulate pedestrian dynamics.


The motivation for starting JuPedSim is as follows: In many universities and thesis projects, a lot of time is spent on setting up a proper environment for the development of a new idea or new modeling Ansatz. Although the main objective is, for instance the development of a new pedestrian model, the work on utilities like an editor for the geometry or for the input data, a tool for visualizing the results is an enormous entry barrier. Another issue is the definition of appropriate file formats. The "real" work starts only after those steps have been tackeled. Most of the time, the result is piece of code which is neither reusable, nor maintainable, nor scalable. We are hereby introducing JuPedSim, an open source framework for performing pedestrian simulations, to address those issues.

MS-WisenschaftCopyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich


The primary goal of JuPedSim is to provide students and researchers with a toolbox that will let them focus on their main tasks, i.e. the development, calibration, and validation of new models or model features. JuPedSim is currently focusing on evacuation, but easily extendable to cover other areas e.g. passengers exchange, commuter traffic in railway stations etc.

Finally, JuPedSim also provides sample data sets for calibration and validation. We are developing some standards and benchmark scenarios for evaluation pedestrian simulations based on a large experimental database, which was established over the last years by our group in cooperation with the university of wuppertal. See also an overview of the latest experiments performed within the project BaSiGo.

Organisation of the code

JuPedSim consists of four modules which are loosely coupled and can be used independently at the moment. These are:

  1. JPScore: the core module computing the trajectories
  2. JPSvis: a tool for visualising the trajectories.
  3. JPSreport: a tool for analysing the trajectories and validating the
  4. JPSeditor: a tool for editing the geometry and model parameters

At the moment JuPedSim comes without a GUI and can only be executed in shell-mode.


JuPedSim is published under LGPL.


We use a self-hosted Gitlab repository to develop the code. Our GitHub repository hosts selected branches and releases only.
When reporting a bug or an issue, please use ONLY the gitlab issue tracker.


Releases can be downloades here.