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HPCM Project (High-Performance Computer Management)

Consistent Access to Distributed Supercomputers


High-Performance Computer Management is part of the NRW Metacomputing initiative, which is funded by the Ministry for Economics of North Rhine-Westfalia. HPCM is the central part in this project which includes evaluation of DCE/DFS as a framework, CORBA based resource scheduling and distributed applications.


The project develops software to access remote high performance computing resources using WWW and Java technologies. The user should be presented with a consistent intuitive graphical user interface to access different computers interactively or to submit and control batch jobs. The key objective is to demonstrate that the same interface can be used independently of the target systems. A generalised management module will be mapped onto the different systems, like CRAY T3E or Parsytec Systems.

Partners / Grants

  • Paderborn Centre for Parallel Computing (PC2)
  • Central Institute for Applied Mathematics (ZAM), Forschungszentrum Jülich

The project was funded by the Ministry for Economics of North Rhine-Westfalia.

The grant period was July 1996 until June 1999.

Status and Results

ZAM has developed a prototype of the graphical user interface. This will interface to a management module under development by Paderborn. Finally, code will be developed at ZAM to map the HPCM functions to NQS on the CRAY T3E under UNICOS/mk.


  • High Performance Computer Management
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