January 2023 bis December 2025


Solar TAP

Solar TAP - a Technology Acceleration Platform for emerging Photovoltaics

Build a Solar Technology Acceleration Platform (Solar TAP) that will facilitate breakthrough innovations in Emerging PV Technologies with industry and transfer them into applications.

Solar TAP will build a technology transfer platform with a clear focus on accelerating the development and the deployment of multi-benefit PV applications. In multi-benefit PV applications, PV adds more than the benefit of renewable power by fulfilling a further functionality relevant for the application. These functionalities are offered by emerging PV technologies, which surpass conventional technologies by being light weight, flexible, free form and free shape, have a tuneable color rendering index and tailored transparency properties while suffering no compromise in performance. Thus, emerging technologies have a vast potential for transcending the limitations of conventional PV and initiate new markets and applications.

Contacts IBG-2:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schurr

Dr. Matthias Meier