High Performance Computing for Quantum Systems

The division "HPC for Quantum Systems" deals with simulations of quantum systems. This includes quantum information processing, relativistic quantum field theory, quantum computing, numerical quantum field theory and quantum materials. Research tasks include the development, evaluation and optimization of algorithms and numerical models for the respective subject areas. In particular, the activities aim to develop scalable fast algorithms and methods for parallel computers of different architectures and to enable large-scale simulations on future HPC systems of the exascale class. A priority task is the integration of quantum computers into modular HPC systems of the exascale class within the framework of JUNIQ.

As part of the user support program, researchers from German, European and international research and international research institutions and universities in carrying out their simulation calculations on the HPC systems at Jülich. In addition to adaptation of the numerical models used in each case, this also includes the adaptation and optimization of the workflows for preparing, carrying out and evaluating the simulations on the Jülich computers.

The tasks in the area of training and teaching include the technical supervision of doctoral candidates, students and trainees.

Divison heads

  • Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS)
  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)
Building 16.3 /
Room R 340
+49 2461/61-2524

Prof. Dr. Stefan Krieg

Head of Division HPC for Quantum Systems

  • Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS)
  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)
Building 07.1 /
Room 243c
+49 2461/61-8715

Groups in the divison

RG Nuclear and Particle Physics (Szabo)

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