Career Orientation – Students from TH Köln Visit ZB

24 November 2022

As part of their career orientation week, five students from the bachelor’s degree programme in Data and Information Science at TH Köln’s Faculty of Information Science and Communication Studies visited the Central Library (ZB) on 23 November.

In addition to the types of tasks carried out by data and information specialists, they were also interested in the main areas of activity, requirements, and career prospects. During an intensive discussion with our employees at ZB, these and other questions about everyday working life at ZB and the use of data science in the library’s projects were answered, and a typical day’s work was demonstrated using the example of the Open Access Monitor. After a brief visit to the Jülich supercomputer, we said goodbye to our guests, leaving them with lots of new information on the development of the professional field of data science at ZB and at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Perhaps we’ll meet again during the students’ work placement semester or after completing their degrees.

About the Data and Information Science programme (bachelor’s degree)

Data and information scientists are specialists in the preparation, organization, and analysis of data and information of all kinds and have a sound knowledge of the technologies required to design different information systems.
TH Köln – Degree programme – Data and Information Science (bachelor’s degree)

About the Open Access Monitor

The Open Access Monitor records the publication output of German academic institutions in scientific journals. Through analyses of subscription fees and (open access) publication fees, the transition of the publishing system towards an open access system is monitored and supported. For this purpose, data from existing projects are collated within expanded databases, made available to users in a hierarchical interface, and disseminated by means of scientific publications.
Forschungszentrum Jülich – Central Library – Open Science – Open Access – Open Access Monitor (OAM)
Open Access Monitor

Your contact at ZB

Marina Kleikamp
Tel: +49 2461 61-5362
Contact for trainees and work placements

Berufsfelderkundung – Studierende der TH Köln zu Gast in der ZB
Visitors from TH Köln flanked by employees from the Central Library (ZB) in the ZB courtyard
Thomas Arndt
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