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Climate and land use change are key drivers influencing terrestrial environmental systems across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. The Agrosphere institute (IBG 3) focusses on the development of management and adaptation strategies to cope with these changes. The development of these strategies is, however, hampered by our limited ability to measure and predict states and fluxes in terrestrial systems at scales relevant for management. Within this context, the following expertise is available within the Agrosphere institute.


Terrestrial sensing across scales

We develop and improve (non-invasive) measurement methods to study terrestrial system properties and processes from the column to the regional scale.

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Environmental analytics and isotopes

We offer expert knowledge in the area of organic analytics as well as the use of stable isotope and radiotracer techniques.

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Simulation and prediction

Simulation and prediction

We develop and use simulation models to improve our understanding of terrestrial systems and to make predictions and forecasts of their change and evolution.

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Scientific Policy Advice

We translate research findings into management options that can be used by political organizations and decision makers to address pressing societal challenges.

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