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The NB-IoT node (or sensor unit) hosts the sensors and communicates with the cellular radio station. Most time it is in sleep modus to save energy.

The cellular radio station acts as a relay station that passes data from sensor devices to the Cellular provider.

The cellular provider enables a direct connection to and from the device via an IP address.

The NB-IoT CPA (Control Panel Application) is a software to receive, decode, answer, visualize and export the data packets from the wireless sensor network.

NB-IoT network topologyPrinciple of the NB-IoT network topology for wireless data communication between different types of sensors with network coverage of several kilometers

  • Each sensor unit hosts a NB-IoT modem that communicates with the application software (SoilNet CPA) via a cellular service provider.
  • The sensor units are connected to a NB-IoT network and can be accessed via the Internet Protocol (IP) using OpenVPN
  • SoilNet CPA runs on a virtual cloud server and assigns the sensor units based on the IP address
  • SoilNet CPA receives and sends IP packets to the sensor units
  • A graphical web interface informs about the current status of the sensor network
  • The collected data can be mirrored to any desired cloud storage
  • The data is graphically displayed using the open-source visualization tool Grafana