Phenotyping technologies

High-throughput characterization

Phenotyping technologies

By accelerating strain construction, a much broader use of the natural biodiversity of microorganisms is made possible. In order to generate knowledge and marketable bioprocesses from this, the new strain libraries must be characterized quickly and thoroughly.

Our biofoundry is equipped with state-of-the-art high-throughput screening capabilities using ligand-optimized biosensors in combination with FACS technology. This accelerates the creation and testing of hundreds of genetic variants, allowing for rapid identification of the most promising candidates for further development.

For more detailed and quantitative phenotyping of selected strains, we have established the Mini Pilot Plant technology. Several liquid handlers with integrated microbioreactors enable the automated operation of individual experimental steps such as media preparation and optimization, inoculation and time- or signal-triggered sampling of (fed)-batch cultivation experiments on a microplate scale.

Last Modified: 19.02.2024