Metabolic Regulation and Engineering


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Bacteria are key players in the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur on earth. Their metabolic diversity and biocatalytic power are unrivaled and they are essential for the circularity of biological processes, which are completely devoid of waste production.

We explore and harness bacteria to develop cell factories enabling the conversion of renewable carbon sources into chemicals, food and feed additives, and proteins. This concept contributes solutions to the defossilation of the chemical industry, to the mitigation
of climate change, and to the development of a circular bioeconomy.

We focus on Corynebacterium glutamicum as a robust multipurpose industrial cell factory. Our research aims at a systemic molecular understanding of its metabolic and regulatory capabilities and the application of this knowledge for the development of novel cell factories using metabolic engineering, adaptive laboratory evolution, or biosensor-based high-throughput screenings. With the newly established Biofoundry Jülich, robotic workflows are currently implemented for several of these approaches, aiming at speeding up strain construction and enlarging the solution space that can be tested.

Research Topics

  • Ribosomes, translation and growth
  • Molecular basis of glutamate homeostasis
  • Role of iron storage proteins for cellular fitness
  • Synthetic microbial communities as production systems
  • Microbial production of natural sweeteners and amino acids
  • Automated processes for optimizing protein secretion

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Prof. Dr. Michael Bott


Building 15.4 / Room 215

+49 2461/61-3294



Prof. Dr. Michael BottLeiter der Systemischen Mikrobiologie (IBG-1)Building 15.21 / Room R 5045+49 2461/61-3294
Dr. Meike BaumgartHead of Metabolic Regulation and EngineeringBuilding 15.21 / Room 5039+49 2461/61-5515


Dr. Susana MatamourosPostdoctoral researcherBuilding 15.21 / Room 5031+49 2461/61-84374


Astrid BidaTechnical staffBuilding 15.21 / Room 5042+49 2461/61-84382

Phd students

Philipp BroschardPh.D. studentBuilding 15.21 / Room 5041+49 2461/61-84381
Alexander LehnertPh.D. studentBuilding 15.21 / Room 5042+49 2461/61-84382
Benita LückelPh.D. studentBuilding 15.21 / Room 5042+49 2461/61-84382
Lea Zola MbengiPh.D. studentBuilding 15.21 / Room 5041+49 2461/61-84381


Isabel FauerbachMaster studentBuilding 15.21 / Room 5042+49 2461/61-84382
Johannes KürtenMaster studentBuilding 15.21 / Room 5002+49 2461/61-84382

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