Modeling and Simulation


Group heads:

We provide our local colleagues and the scientific community with state-of-the-art models, algorithms and software. Current challenges in strain characterization, selection and optimization as well as process analysis and development are addressed in a strongly data-driven, mathematically rigorous fashion in close collaboration between theory, simulation and experiment.

Research Topics

Typical research projects involve data analysis, model calibration or training, uncertainty analysis, parameter estimation, and experimental design. Model predictions are applied for testing hypotheses and focusing experimental work.

Current key topics are:

  • Live cell image analysis

  • 13C metabolic flux analysis

  • Process chain modeling

  • High definition simulation

  • Bayesian statistical inference and optimization


Dr. Katharina Nöh


Building 15.7 / Room 205

+49 2461/61-9294



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Many projects require advanced numerical methods and high-performance computing, in particular when Monte Carlo simulations, global optimization or CFD simulations are applied. We develop and maintain dedicated software packages, most of which are published as open source code (see our GitHub page). The following of our tools are most widely used:

  1. CADET for process chain simulation including, but not limited to, fermentation, filtration and chromatography

  2. 13CFLUX2 for intracellular flux quantification based on carbon labeling experiments

  3. OMIX® for biochemical network visualization (now maintained by a spin-off company)

Last Modified: 05.12.2023