About us

The Institute of Bio-and Geosciences 1: Biotechnology (IBG-1) uses microbiological, biochemical, genetic and computational methods for the development of microbial processes for the transformation and of new biocatalysts. It conducts research in the field so that the Industrial or White Biotechnology, a core area of the bio-economy. Focus on the development and analysis of versatile microbial production strains for the production of industrially or pharmaceutically relevant substances (such as amino acids or organic acids) from renewable resources and to build on the development of technical production processes. An extensive bio-analytical platform (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, Fluxomics) forms the basis for a systems biology approach. In addition to the established approach of metabolic engineering methods of reinforced synthetic biology, single cell analysis and modeling and simulation of microbial strain development can be used.

Last Modified: 26.04.2022