Jülich Biofoundry joins global network

Biotechnological development processes require high throughput in order to test many microorganisms under different conditions. Therefore, the automated development of microbial bioprocesses is a global trend, especially in Asia and North America. Thanks to an integrated infrastructure, so-called biofoundries enable the accelerated construction and characterization of genetically reprogrammed organisms for biotechnological applications. The Global Biofoundry Alliance was founded in 2019 to coordinate these activities worldwide. The Jülich Biofoundry is now also a member of the GBA. With its extensive robotic platforms for strain and process development, Jülich Biofoundry is currently the largest such facility in the German-speaking world. This enables us to unleash the potential of biotechnology more quickly in order to create a more sustainable world.

Robotic platform

Last Modified: 04.06.2024