The MiBioLab successfully applied for the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-off Program

occasion: successful application for the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-off Program

responsible: Prof. Marco Oldiges

Date: 04.08.22

The Helmholtz Association will continue to support the MiBioLab team on their way to build a contract research organization for the bioeconomy. In 2023, the MiBioLab will receive funding and support in the framework of the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-Off Program. “We are very happy that we can continue our work to support industry with our services in bioprocess development and that we can now go the next steps towards building a spin-off company”, says Vanessa Schmitt, Business Development Manager of the MiBioLab.

The MiBioLab is part of the research group of Prof. Marco Oldiges, which developed an automated microbioreactor platform to accelerate the development of sustainable bioprocesses. First, the automated platform was only used in academic research projects, but in 2017 Prof. Oldiges got a first funding from the Helmholtz Association to build a Helmholtz Innovation Lab. The goal was to apply the technology in joint research projects with industrial companies. This was the starting point of the Microbial Bioprocess Lab (MiBioLab) as a contract research organization.

In January, Vanessa Schmitt and Bertram Geinitz, the current Laboratory Head of the MiBioLab, will start the Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-Off Program. Currently, the duo is looking for a lab automation expert to expand the team. “We hope a post-doc or PhD student from Jülich will join our team, as it is hard to find these kind of specialists on the free market”, Schmitt says.

Erfolgreiche Bewerbung des MiBioLabs für das Helmholtz Enterprise Spin-off Programm

Last Modified: 08.08.2022