GXP The Gene Expression Plotter

GXP is a tool for RNA-Seq and Metabolomics data visualization and analysis. It is entirely running in the user´s web browser, it does not require any custom installation, manual programming or the upload of confidential data to third party servers. By using GXP user can easily generate interactive plots, visually summarize genetic or metabolic responses in scientific sketches (Mapman), carry out cluster and principal component analysis, and conduct over-representation analyses.

GXP The Gene Expression Plotter
GXP - Screenshot

GXP is available on GitHub:

Contact: Asis Hallab

Citation: Eiteneuer, C.; Velasco, D.; Atemia, J.; Wang, D.; Schwacke, R.; Wahl, V.; Schrader, A.; Reimer, J.J.; Fahrner, S.; Pieruschka, R.; Schurr, U.; Usadel, B.; Hallab, A. GXP: Analyze and Plot Plant Omics Data in Web Browsers. Plants 2022, 11, 745.

Last Modified: 09.12.2022