The institute section IBG-4 is headed by two directors. Prof. Björn Usadel leads the "Omics- and Data-based Bioinformatics" research group and Prof. Holger Gohlke leads the "Structure-based Bioinformatics" research group .

Additional affiliations

Prof. Holger Gohlke also heads the following research groups:

Comput. Pharm. Chemistry group at Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf

NIC research group at John von Neumann Institut für Computing

Prof. Björn Usadel also heads the following research group:

Institut für Biological Data Science at Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf






Director Omics- and Data-based Bioinformatics
Prof. Björn Usadel
+49 2461 61 9503
Secretary (Usadel's group)
Laura Hamacher
+49 2461 61 5859

Director Structure-based Bioinformatics
Prof. Holger Gohlke
+49 2461 61 85550

Secretary (Gohlke's group)

Birgit Kowollik

+49 2461 61 3773

Research Areas

The institute section IBG-4 focuses on diverse research areas, covering two main research fields:

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