IBG-4: From "Big Data" to biomolecules

Creating, editing, understanding and sharing of complex data: bioinformatics for high-dimensional data and molecular processes in life sciences and bioeconomy.

The institute section Bioinformatics (IBG-4) of the Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (IBG) develops and works on methods and algorithms, aiming for a fundamental understanding of high-dimensional data and processes in life sciences and bioeconomy along with the prediction of the biological function of biomolecules on the basis of their sequences and stuctures leading to their subsequent optimisation for biotechnological and biomedical use. Research in bioinformatics at Forschungszentrum Jülich plays a leading role on national and international level in the area of omics-/data-based bioinformatics focusing on plant data management, genome analysis and the field of integration, interpretation and visualisation of high-dimensional omics data in bioeconomy and in the area of structure-based bioinformatics focusing on understanding, predicting and modulating of the dynamics and interactions of biomolecules. IBG-4 is involved in the development of new methods and algorithms focusing on knowledge management, data integration, sequence and structure-based bioinformatics, machine learning and simulation sciences.

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