Start of the EU-funded project GLOMICAVE

EU-Projekt GLOMICAVE gestartet

The EU project GLOMICAVE started on November 1st, 2020. GLOMICAVE stands for “GLobal OMIC data integration on Animal, Vegetal and Environment sectors”. The project is funded for 3,5 years as part of the EU's Horizon 2020-Transforming European Industry funding. Marie Bolger from IBG-4 was involved in the acquisition of EU funding and will work on the project.

In general, the term omics denote the analysis of sets of similar individual elements such as genes (genomics, transcriptomics) or metabolites (metabolomics). Quantified phenotypic characteristics are summarized holistically also as “phenomics”. Joining the individual omics can systematically identify a connection between the individual elements. The gained knowledge will then be used to understand and improve the sectors of animal reproduction technology, meat quality, fruit growth and quality, plant growth, phosphorus removal / recovery and bioenergy production in the urban water cycle targeted by the project. GLOMICAVE will comprehensively collect and integrate multi-omics datasets from various sources in a standardised manner which will then be made available on a cloud-based platform. The GLOMICAVE project aims to build systems that support large-scale omics experiments leading to the improved identification and understanding of links between genotypes and phenotypes. The project GLOMICAVE is coordinated by the Fundació Eurecat in Spain and brings together the expertise of 16 partners from industry and science from six EU countries.

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EU-Projekt GLOMICAVE gestartet
Last Modified: 27.01.2023