The inherent capabilities of specific DNA sequences, so-called DNAzymes, to selectively eliminate unwanted RNA molecules pose an outstanding antiviral potential. However, reduced cellular activity frequently limits DNAzyme applications. This project aims to overcome the persisting limitations by developing a next generation of DNAzymes with strongly increased antiviral efficacy. To achieve this goal, we will exploit our recently obtained new mechanistic understanding of DNA-mediated catalysis, which opens the ways for a rational design strategy. We will use molecular modeling and simulations to predict improved variants, which will be validated in an integrative approach.

Next-generation biocatalysts: DNAzymes
Taken from Nature 2022, 601,144–149

Contact: Prof. Holger Gohlke

Reference: Borggräfe et al., Nature (2022)

Next-generation biocatalysts: DNAzymes

Funded by Volkswagen Stiftung

Last Modified: 16.12.2022