October 2020 to September 2025



Dr. Angela Kranz

Building 06.5 / Room 2004b

+49 2461/61-85833


Dr. Stella Eggels

Building 06.5 / Room 2004a

+49 2461/61-5662



Sustainable storage and access to plant data, standardization and development of ontologies.

With the ever increasing amount of research data that is produced within short periods of time, the demand for easy-to-use tools that allow for the collection, processing, exchange and storage of this data is growing. To support users with the challenging task of Research Data Management (RDM), the DataPLANT consortium of the NFDI is working on the development of an infrastructure that enables an all-in-one solution with a focus on the fundamental plant sciences.

Within DataPLANT, expertise from different research fields, including the plant sciences, information and computer science, and infrastructure. The speaker of DataPLANT is Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz (University of Freiburg). In addition to Prof. Usadel from the IBG-4, further project partners are Dr. Jens Krüger (University of Tübingen) and Prof. Timo Mühlhaus (University of Kaiserslautern).

In addition, properly maintaining RDM according to the FAIR principles relies heavily on the proper annotation of the accompanying metadata. The central concept of DataPLANT is a standardized folder structure called the Annotated Research Context (ARC) that allows for easy RDM in combination with a variety of provided tools.

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