The Fusion program is part of the Helmholtz Research Field "Energy". The scientists in this Research Field are working on a climate-neutral energy supply that is economically and socially sustainable. They pursue this aim by researching and developing innovative conversion, distribution, and storage technologies and devising solutions for a cross-sector energy system.


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The Fusion programme aims to help harness nuclear fusion, a nearly inexhaustible source of energy. The interdisciplinary activities are “plasma theory” and “fusion power plant”. The programme’s goal is to establish the scientific and technological foundation for a fusion power plant. Two of its key projects are the ITERand Wendelstein 7-X facilities.

Energy System Design

Helmholtz Energy

Helmholtz Energy is the central platform for the Research Field Energy, where the Helmholtz Association presents the entire research field across all centres.

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Last Modified: 20.07.2023