Institute of Energy Materials and Devices (IMD)

The Institute of Energy Materials and Devices (IMD) conducts research into energy conversion and storage technologies for the energy transition. Its subinstitutes focus on technologies required for the widespread use of renewable energy: photovoltaics, fuel cells and electrolyzers, hydrogen as an energy carrier, battery research, solar thermal energy, and thermal power plants. In this context, IMD scientists research and develop materials, devices, and manufacturing processes.

The subinstitute Microstructure and Properties of Materials (IMD-1) investigates and designs materials for energy applications using microstructure–property–manufacturing correlations. Material behaviour is described based on the relevant mechanisms. To achieve this goal, high-resolution microscopy, automation, and data-driven approaches are used, with a close connection between experiments and simulations.

Institute of Energy Materials and Devices (IMD)
Samples on a holder in front of a heated oven.
Forschungszentrum Jülich/Limbach

The subinstitute Materials Synthesis and Processing (IMD-2) focuses on the further development of energy conversion and energy storage technologies through research into high-performance ceramics and the development of state-of-the-art synthesis and processing techniques for the production of reliable coating systems and composites for future energy systems.

The subinstitute Photovoltaics (IMD-3) promotes sustainable photovoltaics by conducting research into innovative materials and device architectures for various thin-film systems and technological applications with a focus on comprehensive and targeted characterization and modelling

The Helmholtz Institute Münster Ionics in Energy Storage (HI MS/IMD-4) drives innovation in battery technology and conducts electrolyte research for cost-efficient, long-term energy storage to support mobility and the energy transition. It focuses on the most important electrolyte classes and has comprehensive expertise in the areas of theory, chemistry, and technology.

IMD conducts interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research into advanced energy systems and combines expertise from various fields such as materials science, chemistry, physics, engineering, and informatics. The integrative nature of this approach allows for complex problems in the field of energy and climate research to be tackled in a systematic manner and innovative solutions to be developed.

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