Work at Jülich as a Professional

We offer you numerous job opportunities in the areas of administration and services, laboratories, technology and IT, and science and science management. Whether you are starting your career at Jülich directly after your vocational training or university studies, whether you have just completed your doctoral degree, or whether you are joining Jülich with professional experience in science or in a management role, there are diverse opportunities for you to help us shape change!


Scientific employees, postdocs, and those in leadership positions with a background in the natural sciences, engineering, or computer science actively shape change in socially relevant research topics.

Science management

Entry Opportunities for Professionals

In science management, employees are responsible for project management, take on advisory roles, or work at Project Management Jülich. They contribute their scientific expertise and technical know-how and use their organizational and project management skills to support research and innovation.

Laboratories, technology and IT

Employees in laboratories, workshops, technical infrastructure, and IT make important contributions to research and ensure a functioning infrastructure. This helps create the necessary conditions for successful science.

Administration and services

Employees in administrative and service-oriented areas support important processes and experience the varied nature of everyday work in research.

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Last Modified: 08.12.2023