Institute for a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy (INW)

INW will pool the scientific activities in this field within the H2 innovation centre of the Helmholtz hydrogen cluster HC-H2, where Forschungszentrum Jülich will bring its broad expertise with hydrogen to bear and connect with partners. Research at INW will focus on chemical hydrogen storage technologies using liquid and easily liquefiable hydrogen carriers that can be handled in a similar way to conventional fossil fuels. For example, hydrogen can be stored chemically in the form of methanol, other alcohols, or ammonia.

INW will also focus on optimizing and scaling up LOHC technology. This involves binding hydrogen to liquid organic carriers that can be transported using tankers and stored in tank depots, for example. This means that the existing infrastructure for liquid fuels can continue to be used.

Research at INW will be conducted in at least four research fields, ranging from the nano- to the mesoscale and from the reactor to the system scale. The proposed structure is due to the fact that the materials, equipment, and processes concerned must be investigated and developed on very different length and time scales, ranging from extremely fast processes (e.g. on catalytic interfaces) to issues associated with the system stability of an entire network of facilities, which must be ensured over the course of years.

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