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Disclosing everything

Mistakes happen – but how do we deal with them? And how could open science help create a positive error culture.

What do you research?

Marie-Alix Pizzoccaro-Zilamy develops filter membranes that only allow certain components of a gas mixture to pass through.

Topics of Research

Alexander Graf im Wald am Wüstebach in der Eifel

Climate Change

Cool compromise

How can global warming be mitigated? Plant more trees, reflect more sunlight? Model calculations show what is most likely to benefit the climate.

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Finer than a human hair

The images taken with a scanning electron microscope show a high-tech composite material developed at the Jülich Institute of Plasma Physics: a fabric made of interwoven tungsten fibers in a tungsten matrix. The photos were taken by fusion and materials researcher Alexander Lau. He is analyzing and optimizing materials that could one day be used for the walls of nuclear fusion reactors. Image 1 won second prize of the "Participants Choice Award" at the Helmholtz Imaging Contest 2023.


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