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Entrepreneurs from science know about the potential of their research results. Planning comprehensively and adopting a strategic approach help them to successfully launch their company and anticipate risks.

From lab to business: Spin-offs provide more autonomy for scientists

Through the establishment of a scientific start-up, researchers gain the power to steer the development of their technology. As entrepreneurs, they have the opportunity to materialize their vision, enjoying increased autonomy and flexibility, thereby fostering the progression of their research and innovations.

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Researching independently

Creating an environment conducive to innovation is crucial for researchers. The cornerstone of this endeavor is empowering them with increased autonomy in their research pursuits. As the creator of a spin-off, this autonomy serves as the catalyst propelling their technology to new levels of achievement.

At FZ Jülich's Innovation Management, researchers are equipped to tackle the challenges that come with juggling the roles of both scientist and entrepreneur. The aim is to prepare them thoroughly for this dual role.

So, what's the strategy?

FZ Jülich offers comprehensive support to researchers who are keen on launching a spin-off. Working together, they craft well-refined business plans that impress potential investors with the spin-off's potential. Moreover, the Innovation Management team guides and assists the founders throughout the entire process.

To facilitate this transition into a new career path, FZ Jülich and its partner organizations provide tailored workshops and programs. These initiatives empower founders with the essential knowledge needed to successfully launch their spin-off ventures.

In many cases, the journey towards a spin-off project begins with a personal consultation, laying the foundation for a fruitful collaboration with the Innovation Management team at FZ Jülich. So, engage with them to explore the possibilities that lie ahead.

Engage with the Innovation Management team at FZ Jülich

Supporting spin-offs at the FZ Jülich

  1. Confidential discussion: Researchers engage in a confidential dialogue with the Innovation Management, where they freely exchange ideas for a potential spin-off or collaboratively brainstorm concepts that closely align with their vision. This comprehensive approach sheds light on the various opportunities and obstacles linked to the spin-off endeavor.

  2. Step-by-step guidance: A successfull spin-off requires careful preparation, including a business plan, target market analysis, financing strategies, validation, and legal considerations. The Innovation Management guides interested researchers step by step through the entire process, allowing them to focus on their core research tasks.

  3. Funding and investor support: In the realm of scientific spin-offs, the backing of forward-thinking third-party funders and investors becomes crucial. With the aid of Innovation Management, researchers can streamline their funding applications and pitches, ultimately saving valuable time. Even a concise feedback can wield substantial influence over their ultimate success.
  4. Intellectual property assessment: To proactively tackle potential challenges, researchers collaborate with Innovation Management to assess the need for IP, software, or know-how from FZ Jülich for the spin-off. This ensures they possess the essential resources to effectively bring their ideas to life.

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Training and information for founders

Unlocking new opportunities and skills for innovative scientists

Discover the JUICE Program, a cost-free training opportunity tailored to scientists affiliated with FZ Jülich and RWTH Aachen University who harbor untapped potential within their research endeavors or aspire to enhance their expertise for future scientific ventures and career paths.

Throughout this program, participants will be equipped to recognize promising application domains for their research and cultivate the essential skills and strategies required to translate their findings into tangible products or market-ready applications.

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Last Modified: 13.03.2024