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PhD - Projects IBG-2


Innerhalb des Graduiertenprogramms: “Quantitative Plant Sciences” sucht das Institut für Bio- und Geowissenschaften – Pflanzenwissenschaften (IBG-2) mehrere Doktoranden (Natur- oder Agrarwissenschaften, Bioinformatik)

Topic 1:Characterizing the resilience of seed set and seed filling in cereals exposed to heat and drought
Topic 2:Is the potential for yield increase at elevated CO2 limited by leaf vein carbon transport capacity?
Topic 3:Identification of Drought resistance crop cultivars by Light Induced Fluorescence Transients (LIFT) method in Cerrado, Brazil
Topic 4:Identification of phosphorus storage pools by Raman microscopy
Topic 5:Smart Field Data – Linking field phenotyping, remote sensing and the genetic heritage
Topic 6:Development of molecular tools to investigate lipid synthesis in the genus Chlorella
Topic 7:Bioinformatics in Plant Science

PhD - Projects IBG-2 (PDF, 180 kB)