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Philipp Schwartz-Initiative

Dynamics of insect population in winter wheat under elevated CO2

01.11.2018 - 31.10.2020

Dr. Fahmia Aljmli, a Syrian researcher, was granted a two-year stipend to study the impact of elevated CO2 on insect poulations in winter wheat in the framework of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. Making use of the free air CO2 enrichment setup at Campus Klein-Alterndorf (Breed-FACE), Dr. Aljmli studies the population of insects associated with winter wheat. Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations will impact plant traits and consequently their interaction with insects, which may give rise to an increased vulnerability of plants to herbivorous insects. For two consecutive growing seasons, Dr. Aljmli assesses the abundance of insects in different genotypes of winter wheat, to analyze the effect of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations on plant-insect interactions as well as potential genotypic variation in the susceptibility to herbivorous insects.


L. Junker-Frohn, Onno Muller

Funded by

The stipend was granted in the framework of the Philipp Schwartz-Initiative of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation, which is funded by the Federal Foreign Office and various foundations in Germany and abroad.

Philipp Schwartz-Initiative