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RoX is an automated field spectroscopy device capable of collecting unattended, continuous, long-term measurements of spectral reflectance.

The RoX was developed by the IBG-2: Plant Sciences of the Jülich Research Center and the Remote Sensing of Environmental Dynamics Laboratory of the University Milano-Bicocca. In 2015, two members of the partners founded the new start-up company JB Hyperspectral. The commercial versions of the RoX Boxes are distributed by this young start-up company.

RoX is measuring the spectral reflectance of plant canopies as a measure of plant performance under natural light conditions. Equipped with Ocean Optics spectrometers covering the visible and Near Infrared Region (400 – 950 nm), spectral reflectance of plant canopies is measured with a high spectral resolution. Spectral reflectance of plant canopies can be constantly monitored by the comparison of sequential measurements of light reflected and emitted from the plant canopy using a downward fiberoptics and solar irradiance using an upward directed reference fiberoptics. The spectrometer is enclosed in a weather-proof housing, and an accurate automatic optimization of the measurement duration to prevailing light conditions is applied to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio and minimize acquisition time. Thereby, RoX can be used to constantly monitor spectral reflectance under changing environmental conditions.

Currently, two RoX devices are available at IBG-2.

Responsible People (IBG-2): Laura Junker-Frohn and Uwe Rascher