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Portrait von Maria Matveeva

Dr. Maria Matveeva

By my education I’m a physicist. I worked with plasma-material interaction and also their characterization with such techniques as spectroscopy, spectrometry, etc.

When I have heard first time about plant fluorescence and its ability to narrate us about plant functioning, I was fascinated and intrigued. It is, however, a rather difficult puzzle and a non-straightforward task, how to relate the measured tiny fluorescence signal to photosynthesis and plant stress, on which many scientists are working.

Now I work within the framework of the interdisciplinary research consortium Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32 (TR32). I want to understand better the diurnal and seasonal dynamics of chlorophyll fluorescence and to investigate spatio-temporal patterns of plant fluorescence using data from the airborne sensor HyPlant. I aim to be able to reveal from the remote sensing data the factors that influence momentary crop photosynthesis, such as temperature, changes in soil moisture, different management practices, pathogens, etc. Within TR32 project I seek for a link between spatio-temporal plant fluorescence patterns with dynamics of pattern formation in the soil and atmosphere.

The work on remote sensing of the sun induced fluorescence is included into the international network, which I find very valuable, because our common work is important as a support of validation and calibration of future FLEX -satellite campaigns.



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