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Specy – an autonomous spectroscopy system

Specy is a small and simple spectroscopy system that relies on the Ocean Optics STS spectrometer module and Arduino based open source hardware.




The system is small, lightweight and consumes a minimum of energy. Further it is fully autonomous and basically will consequently measure hyperspectral data to SD card once it´s activated. Within this project the assembly of the different commercially available components is described. Second we provide an Arduino firmware that enables the communication to the spectrometer and handles the data storage.
The firmware of Specy is easy to understand and written in Arduino which allows to freely adapt the base code to specific needs. Adaptations of Specy have been used on UAVs, Tractors, in various lab application and as field instrument.

The source code of specy is hosted at GitHub and licensed under the 3-Clause-BSD License (License.txt).


Uwe Rascher:


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