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Synergies for Open Access – Open Access Monitoring

A project to establish and operate a national open access monitor, funded within the scope of an ideas competition by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in support of the free flow of information within the scientific community (2017).

Project goals

The open access monitor records the publication output of German academic institutions in scientific journals. Through analyses of subscription fees and (open access) publication fees, the transition of the publishing system towards an open access system is monitored and supported.
For this purpose, data from existing projects are collated within expanded databases, made available to users in a hierarchical interface, and disseminated by means of scientific publications.
The Central Library (ZB) of Forschungszentrum Jülich is the project contractor. The project is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with funding for two project member positions for 24 months (FKZ 16OA018) and represents an expansion of the data office of the national open access contact point, NOAK (OA2020-DE).

Project implementation

Creation of a user interface for the open access monitor

The concept for the user interface of the open access monitor is being developed and implemented by the project members in consultation with libraries and the negotiators of alliance or transformation licences. The project group for the national open access contact point (OA2020-DE) provides guidance for the programming process.

Data analyses and quality assurance for the open access monitor

Open access monitor data from external source systems can be retrieved for the desired purposes through the user interface and a hierarchical rights management system created in consultation with institutions and system operators. These data should help to support the negotiation of transformation contracts and can be reused by scientific institutions. The combined data are reviewed in terms of library standards by project members who also facilitate retrieval and interpretation of the data. Further projects in the field of data analysis are planned:

• creation of a standardized publication report for scientific institutions in Germany in collaboration with OA2020-DE (expected release date: third quarter of 2019),
• dissemination in open access journals of scientific studies produced by the project group, and
• if required, compilation of a study in accordance with BMBF’s open access strategy, in the field of action “Making open access visible and measurable – open access monitor”.

Impact research

External stakeholders’ willingness to participate and mobilize to achieve project objectives are being evaluated within the scope of impact research. In addition, missing data sets are being extrapolated and methods developed for the consolidation and further development of the open access monitor.

Creation of a cataloguing client and quality assurance for the Global Open Knowledgebase

The Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb) was conceived as a tool for collaborative metadata administration for electronic collections. Under the editorial management of the German Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB), structures are to be set up that will establish the GOKb as a comprehensive and reliable instrument that is expected to set standards. The project members will support this cooperative process by taking on tasks in the fields of data and quality management.
Together with the Head Office of the Common Library Network (VZG), the project members will also program a new interface for the GOKb client. The interface will be based on a concept created by an IT company, supervised by VZG and guided by interviews and workshops with four selected libraries.

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Project leader:
Dr. Bernhard Mittermaier
Tel: 02461 61-5368
Head of the Central Library

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Publications and events


[upcoming] Ecker, Dirk and Sonja Rosenberger: Workshop Open-Access-Monitor: Wieso, weshalb, warum?, Open Access Tage 2019, 30. September 2019, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Workshop.

[upcoming] Ecker, Dirk and Philipp Pollack: Workshop Open Access Monitor Deutschland - Technik, Österreichischer Bibliothekartag 2019, 11. September 2019, Messe Congress Graz, Lecture.

Barbers, Irene et al.: Workshop Open-Access-Monitor 2019, 7. Juni 2019, Forschungszentrum Jülich,Workshop.


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Mittermaier, Bernhard: Auf dem Weg zu einem Open Access Monitor, 107. Deutscher Bibliothekartag 2018, 13. Juni 2018, Estrel Berlin, Lecture.

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