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Upcoming Conferences

The Central Library will continue to organize workshops and conferences dealing with science, publication, and libraries on a regular basis.

[sic!] Jülich – Workshop (planned)

Winter 2018/19
The topic of the workshop will be announced.
Approx. 30 participants are anticipated.


4–6 June 2019

Research data are no longer the exclusive domain of researchers and have become a field of action for both science management and libraries. It is from their perspective that the strategies, handling, resources, and administration of research data, in addition to the practical implementation of a research data management concept, will be discussed at WissKom 2019. Talks at the conference will follow the “lessons learned” principle, in which the presentation and critical reflection of one’s own activities offer the greatest practical gain for conference participants.

You can expect to learn from experience and successful models in the following topics:

  • Applying for funding
  • Structures, interfaces, scalability
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing operation
  • Training and support
  • Awareness and data acquisition
Approx. 150 participants are anticipated.


WissKom2012 – Company presentation
[sic!] Jülich 2013 – Presentation in the conference room
[sic!] Jülich 2013 – Participants
[sic!] Jülich 2013 – Group discussions
AspB 2011– Presentation in the lecture theatre
AspB 2011– Participants during the coffee break
AspB 2011– Conference dinner
WissKom2012 – Exhibitors
WissKom2012 – Exhibitors forum