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We are always looking for excellent early-career scientists in a variety of disciplines and subject areas. You will be given the opportunity to embark on research projects right from the start, for example as an engineer with a scientific background, as a computer scientist, or with a different degree.

Examples of jobs in this area

As a research scientist in battery research, you improve materials for batteries and design new batteries with these materials using state-of-the-art methods in close cooperation with other scientists and technical staff. You refine the methods for analysing and producing these batteries and are in charge of coordinating project partners at Jülich and other institutions involved in battery research.

As a research scientist at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research, you analyse and assess strategies and measures for the transformation of energy systems, in particular with a view to sustainability. You evaluate transformation strategies and energy-related investments as part of scenarios and perform model-based prospective analyses. You publish your results in leading journals and present them at international conferences.

As a research scientist on the area of social sciences, you collect and analyse interview data as part of a project on dementia funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). You work with project participants and cooperation partners in different disciplines, in particular in the areas of ethics and medicine.

Vacancies for young professionals

Or you could pursue a career as a researcher by working on a PhD at Jülich or enter into employment as a postdoc.

Further information

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