New Laboratory Platform for Energy Materials Characterization

Seven Helmholtz centres set up a joint infrastructure for the analysis of novel energy materials

Jülich, 20 November 2015 – High-performance materials are crucial for the future energy supply: they provide the basis for a flexible and efficient supply based on renewables. The Helmholtz Energy Materials Characterization Platform (HEMCP) is a partnership between seven research centres, bringing a customized selection of instruments and methods together under one virtual roof. The platform, which is coordinated by Forschungszentrum Jülich, has been granted funding of around € 39 million and more than € 15.5 million has been earmarked for Jülich. HEMCP was officially opened on Friday, 20 November, by Research State Secretary Thomas Rachel (Member of the Bundestag).

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Last Modified: 22.05.2022