Jülich's basic research is inspired by the notion of utilisation. Our scientists solve global challenges by bringing innovative technologies to market, establishing companies and using their know-how. For a more sustainable and digitised world, they collaborate with industry partners, have inventions licensed and share knowledge with society.

Access for business, industry and society

Innovation gives you a head start. The transfer of technologies and knowledge from FZ Jülich to industry and society provides competitiveness for the future.

We cut paths short for you: Innovation Management establishes contacts between you and FZ Jülich experts and helps you find new technologies for your business.

Transfer office for scientsits and institutes

Your research is of great value, to industry and society as well. Share your technologies and knowledge so they can bring your research into application.

Provide additional value to your research through technology offers, spin-offs and collaborations. UE-I - the FZ Jülich transfer office- provides extensive support.

More resources for Jülich scientists

Find more resources for innovation projects on the FZ Jülich intranet.
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Last Modified: 28.09.2022