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Jülich und Umgebung


Jülich und Umgebung

Between large cities but still surrounded by nature: The central campus of the research centre is situated in a greenbelt area of the city of Jülich, while also being located in the urban triangle between Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf. The majority of the scientific institutes as well as the central administrative and technical departments are located on campus. The Institute for a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy is also located close to the campus in the nearby Brainergy Park.

Jülich (population 33,000) is both an old fortress town and a modern research location. More than 13,000 people work in Jülich. With Forschungszentrum Jülich, the Jülich campus of Aachen University of Applied Sciences, the solar thermal power plant, and Technologiezentrum Jülich, the city of Jülich has a large share of the research and technology potential of the Aachen region, which is rarely rivalled elsewhere in the world. Further information can be found here (in German).

Jülich and Surroundings

University cities and major cities in the surrounding area

Whether directly in Jülich, in the neighbouring rural communities, or in one of the nearby cities, the region in and around Jülich offers attractive places to live, great educational and recreational opportunities, and a cosmopolitan neighbourhood with numerous cultural activities. Cities that are close by as well as cities in neighbouring countries like The Netherlands, Belgium and France are easy to reach from Jülich.

Information on living in Jülich

Town of Jülich

Childcare up to primary school age

Schools in Jülich (in German)

Networking opportunities in the Euregio region (in German)

Activities for children and young people

Kulturbahnhof (KuBa) (in German)

Sports clubs in Jülich (in German)

Science activities in Jülich (in German)

School of Music Jülich

Recreational activities

Brückenkopf Park (in German)

Cycling in Jülich and the surrounding countryside (in German)

Eifel National Park


Impressions of the Jülich campus

Note for people with impaired hearing: The video is accompanied by music and has no spoken text.

Our other sites

In addition to the Jülich site, where most of our employees work, Forschungszentrum Jülich has other, smaller external sites. These include Berlin, Rostock, Garching, Münster, Düsseldorf, Erlangen-Nuremberg, and Bonn.

Jülich and Other Sites

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