What are you researching right now, Ms Pizzoccaro-Zilamy?

Marie-Alix Pizzoccaro-Zilamy
Forschungszentrum Jülich/Sascha Kreklau

"I develop ultrathin layers with uniform pores that only allow certain components of a gas mixture to pass through – a bit like in the work of art behind me. Such sieve-like membranes can be used to separate hydrogen from natural gas, for example, after both have been sent through pipelines together. Or they can remove carbon dioxide from exhaust gases. We use materials such as zeolites, which naturally contain pores. The aim is to produce perfect layers just a few atomic layers thick on more stable substrates using processes that can also be implemented on an industrial level."

  • Institute of Energy Materials and Devices (IMD)
  • Materials Synthesis and Processing (IMD-2)
Building 01.3z /
Room 4011
+49 2461/61-4011

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