Information on your application

Has an job advertisement at Forschungszentrum Jülich caught your eye and you are interested in applying?

We have compiled information on the application and selection procedure as well as a number of helpful links for you below.

Overview of the application process

Information on your application

Information about the selection procedure

  • Typical procedure: initial interview via video call as part of a pre-selection round followed by personal, more in-depth interview on site.
  • Structure of interview: questions about the applicant's career, professional experience and expertise and interdisciplinary qualifications/soft skills; information on the general conditions at Jülich; opportunity for the applicant to ask questions.
  • Interview participants: interview panel can be somewhat larger, if necessary; it includes employees from the organizational unit advertising the job and possibly colleagues from the HR department (representatives of the Works Council, representatives for employees with disabilities, equal opportunities officers)
  • Other possible elements in the selection procedure: presentation, (practical) task, roleplay situations

Application and selection procedure for trainees

Find more information on the application and selection procedure for trainees (in German).

Last Modified: 19.04.2024