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What’s your research all about?

More than 2,000 scientists work at Forschungszentrum Jülich. At more than 80 different institutes, they search for new insights in their respective fields and often go unconventional ways. Year after year, they publish their results in thousands of articles, initiate research projects or file new patents. Reason enough to look straight at the laboratory or the desks of individual researchers and ask: what’s your research all about? This is exactly what we will be doing here in the future: presenting in brief the areas of responsibility of some clever minds who create new knowledge every day on the research campus.

Jun.-Prof. Jesus Gonzalez-Julian

Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Materials Synthesis and Processing (IEK-1)

Jun.-Prof. Jesus Gonzalez-JulianCopyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich / Sascha Kreklau

“Some hot stuff: together with my team, I am developing new materials which are particularly heat-resistant, for example for turbines in power plants and aircraft or for solar power plants. These so-called MAX phases combine the positive properties of ceramics and metals. Ceramic can withstand high temperatures, but is brittle, while metal is very stable, but deforms in the heat. The MAX phases are heat-resistant and not brittle. We are also the first in the world to combine MAX phases with silicon carbide fibres. This is to further improve the mechanical properties.”