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Scientific Infrastructure

Cutting-edge research is only possible with the support of an excellent scientific infrastructure. Jülich engineers develop and build unique instruments and tailor-made devices for scientists involved in experimental research and they develop new measuring methods and specific analysis techniques for use in dementia research, in the further development of fuel cells and also in environmental research in China.

You can visit one of the following areas:

Central Institute for Engineering, Electronics and Analytics
Engineering and Technology

ZEA designs, develops, and fabricates scientific and technical equipment, instruments, and processes for world-class research. The precision devices are used in neutron research, in ion research, for spectrometers in the medical field, and for measuring instruments on aircraft flying for climate research. New materials from Jülich with special properties are also required in the energy sector, for example as coatings for turbine blades in power plants. Engineers and research scientists work hand in hand to achieve precisely the desired results and to adapt them to requirements.

Central Institute for Technology (in German)

Central Library

The comprehensive scientific library on campus guarantees the availability of high-quality and up-to-date literature and information for all disciplines and divisions. The Central Library provides services in the fields of documentation, publication, translation, information management and information science. It maintains records of all the scientific publications by Jülich researchers and is home to Forschungszentrum Jülich’s own publishing house.

Central Library

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